My Presentation

This post really dates back from Monday, but I have been having so many problems with my blog it has taken me this long to get it online anywhere.  On the first day of the course, I was scheduled to give my presentation.  My seminar was tutored by Steve Ward, who was really supportive and offered great advice. Additionally, all the doctoral students (many of whom are further advanced on their research than I am) offered really good tips on how to develop my ideas and move on with my work. I will now make the admission that this was my first proper presentation as a research student, and I am genuinely very happy with the way it went. The best thing about it, from my perspective, was that the seminar had a really good atmosphere that was in no way intimidating. Although I was very nervous to start out with, within a few minutes I felt very happy running through my slides and talking about my ideas. If anyone is interested, you can find the slides here and the bibliography for the presentation here.


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    ford akron ohio

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